Warriers are one among the ‘Ambalavasis’, a host of Hindu communities who had customary occupations relating to temples and temple rituals. They are scattered along the length and breadth of Kerala.The centuries has produced many versatile geniuses in the spheres of literature,learning, astrology and indigeneous medicine. Unnayi Warrier (author of Nalacharitham Attakatha), Ramapurath Warrier (Kuchelavrithom Vanchippattu), Kaikulangara Rama Warrier (the greatest Astrologer) are some renowned names among them.

Tharakkal, in Palakkad district , Kerala, has a remarkable place in the history of Kerala. Warriers of Tharakkal were once the courageous soldiers of Samoothiris of Kozhikkode. Their sincerity and daintiness eased them the goodwill of the Samoothiris, who elevated them to the rank of ‘Madambis‘ or barons.

The sprawling Tharakkal Wariem (family house)consisting of many elegant structures like a nalukettu, pathayapura, temple and kulapura malika, is a proud testimony of the noble status.A visit to this Warriem will surely help you to appreciate the splendour of Kerala’s medieval architecture as well as imbibe the past glories of an aristocratic way of life. The Warriem and its surroundings have also formed backdrops for many Malayalam films.

Courtesy- An article by Shri. M.G.Sasibhooshan in the Indian Express.