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Tharakkal Email

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Tharakkal Email system is powered by Google’s Gmail. Hence if you are familiar with Gmail, there will be no problem in understanding Tharakkal Email. It is exactly same except that the email address ends with “”.

Here are the other things about Tharakkal Email:

1. The system is completely hosted at Gmail servers.
2. Anyone interested in Tharakkal can ask for this Email Account. [What are you waiting for? ;-)]
3. Accounts can only be created by administrators. [Just send me ([email protected]) a message and I’ll create an account for you.]
4. Password is initially set by administrators.
5. Tharakkal  Email can be accessed through this link or through the footer/header on every page. Or you can type in your browser
6. Password can be changed from Account Settings. ( Once logged in: Top right hand corner – > Settings -> Accounts )
7. You can use this email address for chatting as well. ( With Tharakkal accounts holders or anyone using Gmail ) [ To enable Chat -> Go to footer after logging in to Tharakkal Email. There you will see “Tharakkal view: standard with chat | standard without chat”, select the link “standard with chat” and then you will have the chat system enabled to your Tharakkal Email Account ;-))
8. The same Tharakkal Email Account can be used to communicate using Google Talk Client. (Windows Software)
9. Gmail Manager (FireFox extension) supports Tharakkal Mail.

At the moment, 500 email accounts can be added to Tharakkal Email system. I think that will be enough for our whole Tharakkal Family. 🙂

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