THARAKKAL (literally meaning foundation stone) is an old Warrier Tharavadu of Kerala and we, the present generation traced the history back 1561 AD.

The family was accommodated at the present place, Cherukode of Vallappuzha Panchayath in Palakkad District, Kerala by Zamorin of Calicut. This place is located about 7 Km North East of Pattambi, 9 Km North west of Cherpalchery about 22 Km north of Ottappalam. About 65 Km North west of Palakkad 60 Km North of Trichur. Even though basically varriers, the eldest male of the family – Karanavar – was given the name Menon. All the male members have Unni as surname and the lady members have surname Kav. The family practices Matriarchal tradition.

In 1561 the Zamorin of Calicut installed our ancestor one Unnikanda menon as his comrade and deputed to look after the law and order and collection of taxes at Chunagad, Aliparambu, Kaladi, Ponnani, Chowghat, Payyanattukara and Vellappanattukara. After his death some 11 members were ruling under Zamorin for a period of about 200 years. Then in around the year 1763 there started some misunderstanding with the then ruling Zamorin and two of the family members were beheaded, lady members were sent to Ponnani for conversion. The properties and wealth were totally destroyed. But the lady members were saved by an uncle called Sankaramenon and they took shelter in Thiruvilwamala. After this Zamorin’s death the family was reinstated by the then ruling Zamorin at the present place Cherukode and provided with landed properties at Cherukode, Thachanattukara and Thuvur and also the Ramapuram Devaswam(Koduvayoor). Again during Tipu Sultan’s invasion the family moved away from the present place for safety reasons. The properties and the idols of the temple of Koduvayoor Devaswam were also damaged during Tipu Sultan’s journey. There was a civil suite In connection with the ownership of Koduvayoor Devaswam between us and some local families of Koduvayoor, the suit was won by us and we became the Devswan owner.

As per the records there was totally 5 adoptions to keep up the family tree growing.

The old members were running a Kalari at Tharavad and were practicing martial arts and weapon training. It was told that there was some mention known as Tharakkal Chitta in the practice of Kalaripayattu in this area.

The present family tree starts from an uncle called Rama Menon (Pandammavan) and grand mother Cherotty Kav. The family tree from this uncle, with maximum available details are detailed in the family tree with their contact addresses(to be available soon). At present there are around 70 members. The Tharavadu is fully contained in a 5 acre land and the 5 Thavazi. Members have their basic home in this compound, even though all the employed are settled in different places in India and abroad. Almost all the members meet at the Tharavadu once in a year during the annual function of the Tharavadu temple. The temple is having deities of Mahavishnu (Bala Narasimham), Anthimahakalan (Sivan), Ayappan and Bhadrakali and Vettakkaran. The annual functions of temple are Sudhikalasam for Vishnu, Kalampattu for Vettakkaran and poojas for Dharmadevan. At Koduvayoor the family is running a temple of Bhagvathy and Sree Raman ( A rare combination of deities). The annual Function at there are Karthika vilakku and Sudhikal and Kalabham. Apart from this two temple at Tharakkal and Koduvayoor the family was looking after the administration of Sree Mulayankav Bhagvathy temple which was handed over to HR&CE in 1989. Now we have a trustee representative in this temple.

For the purpose of convenience of the administration of family temple and for running the day today affairs a trust called THARAKKAL KSHETHRA TRUST has been registered in 1995. Now all the administration and temple affairs of Tharakkal and Koduvayoor are looked after by this trust. The trust has an executive committee with one representative from each Thavzhi. The trust is planning to conduct religious discourses annually like Sapthaham and Purana Parayanam by eminent scholars. Further ahead we are to start Adyatmika sibiram in which renowned acharyas will be giving courses on various subjects.

There is a sarppakavu in the complex and regular rituals are conducted annually.

We are conducting Sapthaham every year. Previously Oravankara Achuthan Namboodiri, Radha Antharjanam, Swami Asheshanadaji, Sri. Damodara Sharma has conducted Sapthaham, and last, the 7th one was on 2009 January by Swamy Udith Chaithanyaji.

We have some moovies shot at the complex.  The first one was PARINAYAM by MT Vasudevan and Hariharan group.  Then SINDOORA REKHA by Sibi malayil, SALLAPAM by Lohitha Das, some part of  KULAM by Lenin Rajendran and a part of a Thelugu Movie by Vincent. Now we have stopped further shooting in the complex.